Friday, July 9, 2010

We're Back!

We had a great 5 days together with both my family and my husband's family and now we're getting settled back into our normal routine...wait a minute. That's not exactly true. Although we're home this week and next, starting a week from tomorrow we'll be gone for another week. It seems our vacations this year are scheduled very close together. I'm still cooking and trying to provide as healthy a life for our family as I can, but it just seems like there hasn't been time in the day to post any recipes lately. It must be one of those busy times of life... How do you other bloggers deal with the busy times in life? How do you find time to live life and to document it through your blog?


  1. that's the million dollar question!!

    I try to recap when we get back and schedule posts for when we're gone for a long time -- but, we all understand because we're in the same boat!

  2. We blog about them!! It helps everyone else get through their busy times. It's ok to take time off. Everyone understands!


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