Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week's Menu Plan

This week I'm way ahead with my menu plan, so I thought I'd share.  I'm actually trying to plan two weeks in advance, but I'll just share this week's breakfasts and dinners.  I've found that our town's grocery store selection is ok, but for many things I prefer to go to the larger stores in neighboring towns.  So to limit the number of trips I take, I'm going to plan out my menu for two weeks and only go on the second week for perishables.  We'll see how it works! 

Here's the plan:

B- Scrambled Eggs
D- Taco Night with Homemade Tortillas and Seasoning (new recipes)

B- Apple Granola (new recipe)
D- Leftovers

B-Perpetual Pancakes (new recipe)

B- Eggs in a Hole
D- Tuna Sandwiches

B- Apple Granola with Crockpot Yogurt
D- Pizza Night

B- Scrambled Eggs and Sausages
D- Dinner out with Family

B- Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins (new recipe)
D- Grilled Steak and Grilled Broccoli (new recipe)

As you can see, I've got a lot of new recipes up my sleeve this week.  I'll share them if they turn out well. 

You'll also notice...NO CEREAL!!!  My husband and I are working out our morning routine to make breakfast together as a family possible.  Not only will we eat healthier, but we'll be able to share more time together! 

I wish all of you the best for this week...I hope it's delicious! 

If you want more menu plans and recipe ideas, head on over to Org Junkie for her Menu Plan Monday


  1. yum... strawberry rhubarb muffins!!! I just used rhubarb today that my mom brought from her garden when she visited. Love spring produce.

  2. Great looking menu! We're having mac-n-cheese this week, too! :D

    Have a great Monday!

  3. Love the idea of using a crockpot to make your own yogurt!

  4. We are working on planning our breakfasts out too! I'd like to post about it sometime soon. I know how easy it is when I've got dinner planned, so I imagine life will be easier now that we're planning our breakfasts!


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