Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Runner Girl to Fit Family

My, how things change!  It is hard for me to believe that two years ago I was on an Army base in Iraq, running 20 miles at a time and working out almost every day.  Back then I attended toning classes, lifted weights and even taught some toning classes (and did I mention I ran?).  If you would have asked me then what I'd be doing for physical activity in 2009, I would have most certainly told you running.  To top it off, I probably would have told you that I'd be running marathons or even those crazy 100 mile runs (if you haven't heard about ultramarathons, yes, people do run 100 miles all at once).

Looking tired, frazzled and happy after a 20 mile run

Flash forward to 2009....
These days I am lucky if I get three workouts in a week, and that qualifies as a really good week.  I haven't run for months and I count walking the dog as a workout!  My old runner girl self would be embarrassed and would definitely NOT write about such a pathetic situation in a blog.  However, what I've realized lately is that the disappearance of runner girl has opened the door to a new opportunity. 

From Runner Girl to Fit Family
Now I am able to focus my attention on fitness in two new ways.  First, it is a way for our family to share fun and active experiences.  I read so often that Americans are sedentary and glued to the television.  Being a fit family to me doesn't mean that we are in the gym seven days a week.  It means that we go for walks together, dance together and choose other activities that keep us moving and healthy!  Second, fitness is an even more important stress reliever than it was to me back in my Army days.  Yes, life in the military on a deployment is tough, but I will tell you first hand that being a mother is even more challenging!  This parenting gig is difficult.  Without workouts and fitness, my energy begins to wane, I get moodier and I don't handle stress as well. 

I believe that being healthy includes regular physical activity, but that being fit should not be expensive or incredibly time-consuming.  In upcoming posts, I will share with you what I do to keep fit and to keep my family (dog included) fit.

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Still fit, but in a new way

What about you? 
Is your family a Fit Family?  What kinds of physical activities do you enjoy?  I'd love to hear from you!

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