Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Homemade Pizza Night

I admit, in the past, I NEVER made my own pizza.  We actually love Dominos...I know, bad!  Although we probably won't cut out delivery pizza completely, I do hope to keep them to a minimum.  If we could have it once a month at the very most, I'd be happy.  If we had it once every other month, I'd be EXTREMELY happy!  The thing is, we love pizza.  So, I'm gradually introducing homemade pizza into our routine.  First, we started with storebought crust and jars of sauce.  Last week, I finally got around to making my own pizza crust using this recipe from Laundry on the Line.  In the next weeks I will try out a homemade sauce recipe as well. 

I really like this pizza's crust.  It does taste healthier because half of the flour is whole wheat.  I also notice that I felt full after two pieces.  Maybe that's because I savor this pizza more since I put all the effort into making it?  Or, the whole grains have something to do with it?  Either way, this pizza is a winner! 

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the pizza crust! We find two pieces is enough too - I think the whole grains do play a part in that. All the more for leftovers another day. :)


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