Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Workout Wednesday: Water Aerobics

Hello there!  Every Wednesday I am writing about a workout that I've tried and enjoy.  Part of being healthy is maitaining an active lifestyle and I feel that this is an area that can easily be overlooked.  Yes, we are all busy working to provide healthy meals for our families, but are we making sure that we're getting out there and moving our bodies as well?  If you missed them, read more about being a Healthy Family and about Fitness Plan Friday

My criteria in choosing these workouts is that they are inexpensive, challenging and fun.  Today I'm very excited to share with you my most recent workout: water aerobics!  Last night was the final session of my 6 week water aerobics class.  This was a new experience for me in two ways.  I had never taken a community education class before nor had I ever done water aerobics. 

What do you think of when you hear "water aerobics?"  Do you picture old ladies splashing around in a pool?  Well, you are at least partially right.  Most of the people in the class were women and they were older than me.  That doesn't mean we didn't get a good workout though!  Here's a recap:

What is water aerobics?
Water aerobics is like a typical aerobics class, but it takes place in the water (simple enough!).   We did may of the calisthenic exercises that I've done in other classes such as high-knees, lunges and jumping jacks.  Doing these exercises in the water sure does add a twist!  You get added resistance, so each movement is just a little more difficult.  It might be harder to do each movement, but you strain your joints less because there isn't as much impact as with a typical floor aerobics class. 

Water aerobics can include cardio and toning segments.  For cardio, our class consisted mainly of intervals of fast exercises and slower jogging.  For toning, we used the side of the pool to do pushups and dips.  We also used noodles (yes, those long flotation devices that kids play with) to do leg raises.

Water aerobics might be for you if you:
  • want to try a new workout 
  • like the social aspect of group fitness classes
  • love the smell of chlorine and jumping into cold swimming pools :)
  • enjoy regular aerobics but want something low impact
  • want a fun, yet calming workout
So, what new workout do you have planned this week?  Have you started thinking about your fitness plan yet?  We'll link them up again this Friday for Fitness Plan Friday!

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  1. First time visiting...

    I love this post! I was a competitive swimmer growing up, and I thought there was no way I could get a good workout in the water. But when I was pregnant and could barely move, water aerobics was my life-saver!



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